Protection of privacy

1. Registrar

The holder of the register is Merenkulun HarjoitteluMylly ry/Sjöfartens PraktikKvarn rf. The association is working only in Finland.

2. The person in charge and/or contact person for register issues

The person in charge of the register is the person employed by the association.

3. Name of the register

On board training register.

4. Reason for processing personal data / intended use of register

The register is processing personal data to be able to coordinate on board training placements between the maritime academies and the shipping companies.

5. Content of the register and updating of data

The maritime students fill in contact, document and on board training data and have to update their information themselves if changed. Apart from the association’s employee also the on board training coordinator at the student’s academy can see the information that the student has provided.

6. Regulated Sources of Information

All data in the register is provided by the students themselves.

7. Regulated disclosure of data and transfer of data outside the EU or the European Economic Area

The information about the student is sent to the shipping company as well as the master of the vessel where the student will conduct on board training. The information is sent these stakeholders while they need to fill out crew lists for upcoming harbors ahead of time. No data is disclosure or transferred outside the EU, all vessels sail under the Finnish flag and all shipping companies are registered in Finland.