Instructions for filling in your profile


Email: We recommend that you use your school e-mail or an e-mail address with firstname.lastname. Your e-mail address will be sent to the vessel and the shipping company and you want to be professional.

Password: Please follow the instructions.

First name and middle names: Please fill in your names as written in your passport.

Family name: Please fill in your last name as written in your passport.

Date of birth: Fill in your date of birth by choosing from the drop down menu.

Place of birth: Please fill in (as written in your passport) the city and the country.

Gender: Please choose from the drop down menu.

Nationality: For example for Finland write Finnish, Sweden write Swedish, Estonia write Estonian and so on. If you have a double nationality please write both with a "/" in between.

Language skills: Please mark the languages you understand and can speak (no need to be fluent for marking the language, it is not required for you to have all maritime vocabulary in many languages on your first onboard training, this is something you will learn).

School: Please choose your school from the drop down menu.

Medical certificate: In the first box, please write the date your current medical certificate was ISSUED and in the second box the date it will EXPIRE. Remember to update your medical certificate ahead of time before onboard training, no placements will be given if the certificate is not valid.

Allergies/Special diets: Fill in here if you have any food or drug (pharmaceutical) allergies. This is very important that the vessels know if you have any allergies. Also, fill in if you require any special diet.

Other information: All information you see useful for your onboard training, eg. your private insurance, wishes for on board training.

Street address: Write your address, postal code and city.

Phone: Please be careful when typing your phone number, it is difficult to give you a placement if the number is wrong and you do not answer your email.

Next of kin: For example: mother, father, wife, husband, close friend, grandparent. A name (first name and family name) and a phone number is needed.

Tourist passport: Fill in your tourist passport and the expiration date.

Seaman passport: Fill in you seaman passport (seaman book for some countries). This is mandatory for everyone from a country where these are issued. If you do not have one and cannot get one, leave this field empty and contact the Apprentice Mill.

Onboard training: Fill in the first day you are available for onboard training and in the other box the last day you are available for onboard training.

Type of onboard training: Please choose from the drop-down menu. If you are applying for AT/YT (for example a Watchkeeping Officer student applying for engine practice) then please write this in the box “Other information”.

Number of sea days completed: Please count all your sea days completed and write them here, if you have both from deck and engine side, please state them separately, eg. 60 deck + 35 engine.